TSBEPC - Response to COVID-19

Teletherapy by practicum students

From TSBPEC on March 26, 2020

To clarify the expectations of the LPC board during this time of emergency declaration by the Governor, University counseling programs are encouraged to help LPC practicum students, due to graduate this semester, attain the direct contact hours needed by using electronic forms of therapy if needed. The Board understands this is a time where gaining face to face hours can be very difficult. Universities across the State are using online resources for classes and the Board understands that counseling programs may have to adjust how students receive direct hours. We have outstanding programs in the State and we support their direction, guidance, and supervision of practicum students during this difficult time. We welcome questions from University programs if they desire more clarification. Thank you all for your commitment to the Board and the great state of Texas!
Steve Christopherson, MS, LPC
LPC Board Chair