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TCA's 12 affiliated Divisions are segmented by distinct professional interests to address specific mental health populations and counseling issues. Each one of these volunteer led groups focuses on sub-topics impacting professional counselors in Texas. Joining one of TCA's division will help you to get information and opportunities on how to effect change for topics that directly impact your field of interest.

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You must be a TCA member first before you can join a division.

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Texas Association for Assessment and Research in Counseling

Promotes research, development, technical competency and ethical practices for measurement and evaluation in counseling.


Texas Association for Adult Development and Aging

Promotes resources and leadership on the development process of adults through the life span and the problems of aging.


Texas Association for Counselor Education and Supervision

Promotes the preparation of professional counselors through accreditation, certification, supervision and professional development.


Texas Society for Sexual, Affectional, Intersex, and Gender Expansive Identities

Promotes tolerance and non-threatening counseling environments that support the unique needs of clients and reduce stereotypical thinking and prejudice.

Texas Counseling Association Divisions


Texas Association for Humanistic Counseling

Promotes human development practices that emphasize education of the whole person and instructional strategies that foster humanistic approaches.


Texas Association of Marriage and Family Counselors

Promotes issues, interests and the delivery of services in the area of marriage and family therapy, divorce counseling and mediation.


Texas College Counseling Association

Promotes college counseling programs that foster student development, support ethical practices and encourage cooperation within higher education.


Texas Career Development Association

Promotes a greater understanding of the meaning of work; fosters career development over the life span; and establishes standards of professional service in the field of career development.

Texas Counseling Association Divisions


Texas Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development

Promotes the understanding and appreciation of ethnic, racial and cultural diversity; human and civil rights, and multicultural counseling.


Texas Mental Health Counselors Association

Promotes improvements to the availability and quality of mental health counseling services for professionals in private practice, agency, hospital, business and industrial settings.


Texas School Counselor Association

Supporting counselors, strengthening students, promoting success: providing advocacy and best practice resources to empower school counselors to deliver comprehensive guidance and counseling programs which promote student success.


Texas Counselors for Social Justice

Fosters optimal social, emotional, and cultural development with dignity for all individuals by actively promoting societal equity, access, participation, harmony, empowerment, and advocacy.