TCA Leadership & Governance

The Texas Counseling Association (TCA) is a membership-based organization with the goal to lead, educate and advocate to advance the counseling profession, to increase access to professional counselors, and to promote wellness. Our members are the pinnacle focus of TCA's organizational structure. TCA acts as the voice of not only our members, but all professional counselors in Texas.

Internally, TCA is governed by a bicameral voting body, led by an executive committee. This committee is composed of the TCA President, President-elect, Past President and Secretary. All TCA leaders are volunteers.

The bicameral body is balanced with both a board and a senate. 12 practice specific divisions and 30 location-based chapters help to ensure that TCA has input from a multitude of professional counselors in Texas. This balanced representation develops, guides and supports TCAs mission.

This collective body creates and institutes a strategic plan to guide the association for a 3-year period. A standard review cycle of the strategic plan guarantees that TCA addresses current and relevant items for all professional counselors in Texas. Additional details on TCAs corporate structure are available in both our bylaws and governance manual.

TCA, Division, and Chapter Leaders can find resources on the Resources, Forms & Reports page.