Dr. Jamesanna Kirven Outstanding Counselor Award

This award is presented to an individual in recognition of his/her contributions in one or more areas of professional counseling. The award was renamed in 2005 to the 'Dr. Jamesanna Kirven Outstanding Counseling Award,' in honor of Dr. Jamesanna Kirven, the first Certified Counselor in Texas. Throughout her life, Dr. Kriven was involved in some form of educational activity. One of her greatest accomplishments was bringing the Principles and Theory of Guidance to Texas. Dr. Kirven worked as a Counselor, Supervisor of Secondary Area Counselors, and Supervision Director of Trainees for License in the Division of Mental Health. She also served as a Senator for TCA and was a charter member of seven TCA Divisions. The criteria for the award is as follows:

An individual TCA member, a Chapter or Division may submit a nomination for the TCA Outstanding Counselor Award.