TxSAIGE is Seeking Nominations for the TxSAIGE Awards

TxSAIGE Awards
Award Descriptions and Rubric
Deadlines for Applications are Midnight Friday, September 29th, 2023
TxSAIGE is seeking nominations for the Michael DeVoll Award of Excellence in Counseling and the TxSAIGE SOGIE Champion Award. Please complete the nomination form no later than midnight CST on Friday, September 29th.  Here is a link to the nomination form: https://forms.gle/MNANqUgebVPKZbij7 .
Michael DeVoll Award of Excellence in Counseling
Michael DeVoll was a founding leader of TxSAIGE and past president of the Texas Counseling Association. As a leader in the counseling field, Michael founded a camp for queer teens and small groups for the teen’s parents, was an advocate for SOGIE legislative issues, and an avid educator of LGBTQIA+ issues. This award is an extension of Michael DeVoll’s legacy.  
TxSAIGE Award SOGIE Champion Award
This award is presented annually by the TxSAIGE to a layperson or professional counselor outside of TCA who is an advocate for counseling within the SOGIE community.  
TxSAIGE Award Rubric
Each of the following Criteria will be evaluated and assigned a value on a 10 point scale: 10 being the excellent and 1 being the poor.