TCA Committees

As a non-profit organization, TCA depends on the commitment of its members to keep our association strong. The work of each committee is developed each year by the committee and approved by the TCA Board. Committee members may serve on a committee for up to three consecutive years.

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Committee Descriptions 

Awards: TCA’s Awards Committee members review nominations and select, promote and recognize recipients for Professional Awards; and submits nominations of TCA award winners for American Counseling Association (ACA) awards.

Bylaws:  Bylaws Committee members review and consult with TCA, Chapter and Division leadership to ensure their bylaws and governance manuals reflect the policies established by the TCA Board and Senate and comply with ACA requirements.

Communications:  Communications committee members will collaborate with association staff to create online and printed materials that promote TCA and the counseling profession in Texas. Committee members will also assist with social media,  member communication and public relations.

Educational Endowment Fund (EEF):  Educational Endowment Fund Committee members promote the professional development of TCA members through EEF grants; review and approve EEF grant applications; promote EEF grant recipients; and solicit contributions to the various Educational Endowment Funds.
Equity & Inclusion Committee: The Equity and Inclusion Committee identifies implicit and explicit biases within TCA that impede the engagement of BIPOC and other under-represented members in volunteer leadership positions; and develops strategies to encourage and support these members to seek leadership roles in TCA as well as its chapters and divisions.

Ethics:  Ethics Committee members educate TCA members on professional ethics, principles, processes and practices through articles and presentations; review and approve or deny CE hours for proposals on Ethics presentations sponsored by TCA, Chapters and Divisions.
Membership:  Membership Committee members promote TCA membership; review member services and benefits to ensure they are relevant and beneficial to TCA members; collaborate with the Graduate Student Committee to engage graduate students; collaborate with the New Professional Task Force to engage New Professionals.
Public Policy:  Public Policy Committee members monitor public policy issues that impact professional counselors; recommend positions on issues that impact professional counselors; provide training on effective advocacy; promote TCA’s Public Policy Agenda.
Program Review:  Program Review Committee members review program proposals for the Professional Growth Conference, Professional School Counselor Conference and Chapter and Division proposals to use the TCA CE Provider numbers for their professional development events.
Wellness:   Wellness Committee members promote wellness and self-care through articles in TCA and Chapter and Division newsletters. Members present wellness programs and activities at the Professional Growth Conference and the Professional School Counselor Conference.